Seven Healthy Lifestyle Ideas to Get Out of Hibernation Mode

In preparation for spring, we have compiled seven simple ideas to get out of hibernation mode and back into a healthy lifestyle.

We have finally hit the first day of spring, but Chicago’s wacky weather this winter has us all a bit confused. Chicago experienced an extremely mild winter this year. We’ve even reached record-breaking warm temperatures in February! As amazing as this spurt of warm weather was, cold temperatures and rainy, gloomy days hit us for a few more weeks to create the dreaded in-between time that’s not quite winter and not quite spring. Let’s not even get started on Winter Storm Stella that visited us recently (winter is that you?). It’s around this time of year when motivation is severely lacking and we all get stuck in hibernation mode. Staying healthy and active is an important part of breaking out of the post-winter/pre-spring doldrums, so we’ve put together a list of fairly simple healthy lifestyle tips to get you out of hibernation mode.

Partake in Interactive Group Activities

It’s easy to fall into the routine of going to work, coming home, resting, and repeat. While the winter blues have a way of making us a bit anti-social, spending time with friends in a fun and interactive setting is the perfect way to get up and get moving.

Going out to the same bars and restaurants can get old after a while, so why not spice things up! Take a class or a tour that you’ve always wanted to check out. We suggest something interactive like a cooking class, food tour, or room escape. Here are our picks for great group outings for our Chicago area folks:

  • Eataly – Cooking Classes & Events – conveniently centrally located in River North, these classes and events are perfect for after-work with coworkers and friends.
  • Room Escape – Fox in a Box – have you ever imagined yourself racing against the clock to rob a bank or create the cure for the zombie apocalypse? Fox in a Box room escapes offer just that!

It’s healthy to spend some time with others and doing these interactive activities is a great way to break up your everyday routine.

Embrace the Great Outdoors

When temperatures are relatively mild, it’s a perfect time to head outdoors for some light physical activity. Going for a walk or a hike is a great way to get in some exercise and enjoy nature. If you already take occasional walks around your neighborhood or local park, switch up the routine and head out to a nature preserve. The change in scenery will surely make the experience that much better. Here are a few parks and nature preserves you can visit that make the perfect day trip:

  • Kettle Moraine State Forest – located in southern Wisconsin, this glacial hills region has plenty of activities available for a day trip including hiking and biking trails, nature programs, and events.
  • Hickory Hills Forest Preserve – located in the southwest Chicago suburbs, this sprawling area of forest preserves boasts some of the area’s best mountain biking and light hiking trails including a 100 ft. tall bluff at Swallow Cliff.
  • Indiana Dunes National Park – right around the bend along Lake Michigan, this park is home to a unique environment that is found nowhere else on Earth: “a 300 mile long lake taking glacial sand from its east and west sides, then depositing that sand in 250 foot high dunes under the power of strong north winds and waves rivaling the ocean.”

Most forest preserves and parks are open all season long. Check with rangers and local officials for park information before making the trek!

Spring Clean Your Home

It doesn’t hurt to start spring cleaning early this year. Start with freshening your indoor air: it will make a world of difference and Venta has you covered with that. Our filter-free humidifier will perfectly humidify your indoor air while naturally reducing airborne pollutants.

Poor indoor air quality has numerous negative effects on your health. Think about the sleep you’re getting: are you having a hard time sleeping due to dry air causing irritated sinuses, headaches, nose bleeds, etc? Dust and pet dander can also make your home a miserable place if you’re particularly sensitive to these allergens. 

Venta also has specially formulated 100% all-natural essential oil aromatherapy that you can add to your humidifier. Clean air with a fresh fragrance is the perfect way to get out of a seasonal funk.

Image Source: A Magical Mess

Change Your Work Scenery

You don’t need to totally revamp your workspace, but if you work from home or notice your spring to-do list is stacking up (we’re looking at you, taxes), a change of scenery might do the trick. Get out of the house and head to a cafe or co-working space. Outlets, caffeine, and human interaction await you!

City guide site, The Infatuation, even put together a list of the best coffee shops to get work done at. Check out the full list here!

Eat a Vitamin-Rich Diet

While we all tell ourselves we’re going to exercise and eat healthy at the start of the new year, how much of that do we actually follow through with? It’s the middle of March and those sugary, comfort foods are sounding more appealing than ever. To give yourself an extra mood boost, change up your eating routine to a vitamin-rich diet. It will do wonders for your body, mood, and skin.


We get that working out isn’t for everybody. It’s tough to be motivated or even find the time in your busy day to get a solid workout in. While getting exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle, stretching is a simple activity you can even do during the workday which will be beneficial to you. Stretching can improve your outlook and energy level, decreases the risk of injury, and even promotes blood circulation. Set some time aside in your day and try one of these desk stretches.

Practice Mindfulness

It can be easy to get stuck in a motivational rut when you have been stuck inside all winter and the weather is constantly gloomy. Taking time to stop and relax and practice mindfulness helps to reset your thinking and outlook. Create an indoor oasis environment that is relaxing so you can focus better and think clearer. Just a few minutes of meditation has incredible benefits for rejuvenating your mood and lessening stress.

Are you ready to get back to a healthy lifestyle and conquer spring? We hope these seven ideas get you motivated to be productive and active this spring! How do you get yourself out of a winter rut and beat hibernation mode? Share your ideas with us!