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Air Purifiers

Certified Nelior filter technology


Evaporative air humification


Is sustainability as important to you as it is to us? We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint in any way we can – not only in production but in energy consumption as well.
Our devices are designed to be powerful yet require very low power consumption
with a minimum of 3 Watts*. In comparison, a laptop needs 40 Watts, a
television approximately 100 watts, and a blow dryer around 1000 Watts. This
allows you to enjoy an energy-efficient, pleasant indoor climate.

*The minimum wattage may differ depending on
the series. This information applies to our air humidifiers in the Original and Comfort Plus series (power consumption (level 1-3): ~3 / 5 / 8 Watts


As inventors of the Airwasher, we are experts in indoor air care. That is why we pursue the goal of providing access to good and healthy indoor air everywhere in the world – in excellent “Made in Germany” quality.


You can easily operate Venta devices using the touch display or the convenient Venta Home app (depending on the model). You can also clean the devices in a few simple steps and without much fuss, which gives you more time for the enjoyable things in life.

The solution for every purpose

An optimal indoor climate at home benefits you in so many ways: don’t leave it up to chance.

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Venta is proud to be recognized as one of the Best Humidifiers to Banish Dry Air From Your Home by Forbes Vetted.

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Venta turns 40

Exactly four decades ago, Venta founder Fred Hitzler had the brilliant idea of using water to simultaneously humidify and naturally entrap and reduce pollutants found in indoor air. The fundamental concept of the Venta Airwasher was born, thereby laying the foundation stone for our company.