Air purifier with anti-pollen effect

Particularly in spring but in summer as well, there is more pollen in the air. People with allergies suffer in particular, and not only when outdoors. Pollen gets through the smallest openings, such as cracks in windows or doors, and is also brought into the home on clothing. As a result, a large number of particles gather in indoor air. The concentration of pollutants indoors is often even greater than outdoors.

Because particles in the air, such as pollen or household dust, can get into the respiratory system and trigger allergic reactions, being at home does not protect against these unpleasant effects. Typical symptoms include watery eyes, a runny nose, fatigue and itchy mucous membranes. This can also limit the ability to concentrate, for example at work, and often makes life difficult for allergy suffers long into the evening. Allergic reactions during the night are also a nuisance to many, keeping people up at night and reducing the time they have to recharge.

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Tips to relieve pollen allergies

There are of course measures that can be taken to fight pollen allergies, such as medication, anti-pollen screens or air purifiers.

Feel free to try the following tips and tricks – as pollen is found not only in indoor air, but also on clothing and other textiles, such as rugs, beds and sofas. The following can be applied:

  • Reduce the number of rugs and other textiles, such as curtains, especially in the bedroom
  • Wash bedding regularly
  • Clean, vacuum and dust your home regularly
  • Do not dry laundry outside during pollen season
  • Worn clothing should not be taken off in the bedroom or kept there
  • Shower before going to bed as pollen can also collect in your hair

Air purifier with anti-pollen effect

There are good reasons for allergy sufferers to breathe a sigh of relief, as in many cases air purifiers can be a good solution for pollen allergies. Air purifiers constantly remove pollen and other pollutants, such as household dust or allergens, from the air. As a result, they provide relief when you are in your own home. There are a few criteria that should be considered when making a purchase:

  • Select an appliance that suits the size of the room
  • Select an air purifier that is no louder than 40 decibels during the day and 30 decibels at night – that way the appliance can also be used in the bedroom
  • The appliance should have a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter of class H13 or H14. These can filter pollen and other ultrafine particles out of the air
  • Also make sure the appliance does not work with ozone, as this can release additional hazardous substances into the air

Venta anti-pollen air purifier with patented filter technology

Venta allergen, virus and fine dust filters featuring our patented Nelior Twin Air technology (H14 filters) filter out:

  • Pollen and allergens
  • Household dust & dust mites
  • Pet hair
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Mould spores
  • Skin flakes
  • Hazardous particulate matter (PM1)

The air purifier Professional AP902 filters out 99.995 % of particles down to a size of 0.07 µm. Thanks to highly sensitive particulate matter sensor technology, the appliance reacts immediately to excessive levels of harmful substances and automatically adjusts its purifying performance – so you can enjoy cleaner air at home or at work. And that’s without any ozone emissions.

for unique filter technology

with AQI measurement in real time

for quality and sustainability

So you can sleep soundly at night and start the day fresh and energised, the Venta air purifiers have different noise levels depending on the settings (19-51 dB(A)).

Furthermore, pollen, dust and particles are collected in the airwasher and provide an optimal level of humidification of 40-60 %. If you would like an air purifier as well as a humidifier, the hybrid appliance “Professional AH902” is a good solution.

Venta Airwasher and Humidifier



Professional AH902
HYBRID Room size up to 70 m² Highly efficient humidification with VentWave™ 3D technology Low-maintenance operation thanks to patented hygiene disk – without chemical additives Certified Nelior filter technology with HEPA 14 clean room filter acc. to DIN EN 1822 Coarse dust filters for particles down to 10 μm increase the service life of the HEPA 14 clean room filter Up to 99.9 % sterilisation thanks to UVC technology Professional sensors for real-time air quality & humidity display Convenient control with the Venta Air app 
Professional AW902
AIRWASHER Room size up to 120 m² Highly efficient humidification using VentWave™ 3D technology Low-maintenance operation thanks to patented hygiene disk – without chemical additives Up to 99.9 % sterilisation thanks to UVC technology Convenient control with the Venta Air app Reduces pollen and house dust – important for people suffering from allergies 
Professional AP902
AIR PURIFIER Room size up to 75 m² Certified Nelior filter technology with HEPA 14 clean room filters acc. to DIN EN 1822 Coarse dust filters for particles up to 10 μm increase the service life of HEPA 14 clean room filters Professional PM2.5 particle sensor for real-time air quality display Convenient control with the Venta Air app Air quality display according to worldwide Air Quality Index
LP60 Ultra
AIR PURIFIER For rooms up to 75 m² Two coarse dust filters (washable) Two allergen, virus and fine dust filters remove particles of down to 0.1 μm Naturally reduces harmful substances in the air Intelligent particle sensor monitors and controls air quality Interactive touch display Quiet operation Remote control