Venta Home – For your Venta appliance with Wi-Fi function

Simply enjoy good indoor air in just a few clicks

With Venta Home, it’s easy to control all of your Venta appliances that have Wi-Fi functions using your smartphone. This allows you to easily ensure optimal air quality in your home at any time – from wherever you are.

Step by Step Onboarding 

Venta Home helps get you started and takes you step-by-step through the initial setup process, making it easy for you to begin using your appliance. If you own several appliances, you can allocate and configure each appliance to a specific room.

Set up your Venta Product according to your needs and preferences

Treat yourself and your guests to optimal air quality at home. Once the unit is set up and in operation, you can easily check the most important information at a glance and control the product based on your needs. Choose the room and unit from the overview and monitor room air quality through measured values like humidity and temperature. The Venta home also informs you if an error occurs and gives you first-hand guidance to immediately eliminate the issue, by reminding you to fill the water tank or change hygiene disk, for example.

Organise rooms - each unit is assigned to a room

We think in terms of rooms and want healthy air in each room and information about what the air quality, humidity, temperature is like in the rooms. With Venta Home, you can assign the unit to a room and monitor and control it per room.

Simple settings with predefined modes

Predefined modes like Sleep, TV/Relax, Summer/Allergy, Automatic, and Turbo make operation even easier. For instance, you can activate the TV mode with one click to enable quiet operation or enable the AeroStyle to generate a warm LED color tone.

Totally according to your needs

Of course, you also have the option to control your unit manually according to your needs. For example, you can set the power level of your unit and conveniently check and control your room air data, deactivate or activate the child safety lock or, in the case of the AeroStyle, change the LED light band to any colour.

Your advantages at a glance: 

  • Step by Step Onboarding
  • Easy remote control and monitoring for optimal indoor air quality
  • Room temperature, humidity and air quality always in view
  • Easy control with predefined modes
  • View serivice displays
  • Manual control of the devices
  • Configuration of rooms - each device is assigned to a room
  • Simultaneous control and monitoring of multiple Venta WiFi devices in different rooms
  • .

Available for the following Venta appliances:

  • AeroStyle Airwasher LW73 (optional)
  • AeroStyle Airwasher LW74 (optional)
  • Professional Airwasher AW902
  • Professional Air Purifier AP902
  • Professional Hybrid AH902
  • App Control Airwasher LW60T Wi-Fi
  • App Control Airwasher LW62T Wi-Fi
  • App Control Wi-Fi Airwasher LW62
  • App Control Air Purifier LP60 Wi-Fi
  • App Control Hybrid LPH60 Wi-Fi

It's that simple: Download the Venta App from the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store (iOS) or use the QR Code. Then register via the Venta App in the Venta Cloud. Now use the app's search function. It will automatically find all Venta WiFi devices. After you have confirmed the connection to the Venta App on the respective devices, you will have mobile access to your Venta WiFi device at all times!


If your WiFi password contains special characters, you can convert your entire password to a HEX code here:

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