Air purifiers for allergy relief

Allergies are widespread. Many allergens enter the respiratory system via the air and can trigger overreactions in the body. Normally harmless particles such as pollen, grasses, dust or pet hair can make life miserable for allergy sufferers, who can’t escape allergens even at home.
However, there are various ways of tackling the root cause and keeping your home allergen-free. What can you do? Here are some answers. 

What you can do for allergy relief

As already mentioned, you can do a lot to prevent allergies from flaring up. Read on for a number of effective tips. Regular cleaning, vacuuming and dusting helps a great deal. It’s also worth thinking about cutting down on carpets and other textiles such as curtains that tend to collect allergens. Additionally, air purifiers can help by filtering allergens out of the indoor air. 

Tips for people allergic to house dust

  • Anti-dust-mite covers for mattresses and pillows
  • Wash bedding regularly at high temperature
  • Avoid items that gather dust and regularly dust in your rooms
  • Wear a mask when vacuuming

Tips for people allergic to pollen:

  • Fit pollen screens to your windows
  • Do not dry laundry outside during the pollen season
  • Do not undress in the bedroom or leave worn clothing there
  • Shower before going to bed because pollen can also collect in your hair 

Tips for people allergic to pet hairs

  • If possible, don’t keep pets that trigger your allergy
  • Keep pets away from objects such as soft furniture and carpets
  • Keep pets out of your bedroom  

Air purifiers for allergy relief 

Air purifiers help filter tiny particles such as pollen, house dust or pet hair out of the air. They can provide relief from allergies in the home. However, they only trap the allergens suspended in the air. Particles deposited on bedding, soft furniture or the floor stay in the room. That’s why air purifiers help most in combination with the other tips mentioned here.  

What to look out for when buying an air purifier for allergy relief

The room size quoted for the appliance refers to closed rooms.

If you keep the doors open, add the areas of the adjacent rooms to your original room size. We recommend that you add another ⅓ to the total room area to ensure the appliance achieves the required results even at a low or medium setting. This also means it doesn’t operate at its limit so the noise level remains low. 

Example (room size: 40 m²): If the doors are open and the room is adjacent to a 15 m² room, add the two room sizes together (intermediate sum: 55 m²). Then add another ⅓ of the intermediate sum so that the appliance doesn’t have to operate at its limit. Therefore, the appliance should be designed for an area of approx. 73 m². 

You might also want to take other factors into account:

  • Select an air purifier that is no louder than approx. 40 decibels during the day and 30 decibels at night – that way you can also use the appliance in your bedroom.
  • The appliance should have a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter of class H13 or H14. These can filter pollen and other ultrafine particles down to a size of 0.07 µm out of the air.
  • Also make sure the appliance does not work with ozone, as this can release additional hazardous substances into the air. 

Venta air purifier for allergy relief

The Professional AP902  air purifier filters out 99.995% of particles down to a size of 0.07 µm from the air:  

  • Pollen and allergens
  • Household dust & dust mites
  • Pet hair
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Mould spores
  • Skin flakes
  • Hazardous particulate matter (PM1) 

Featuring unique Nelior twin air filter technology (H14 filters), it creates almost particle-free, natural clean air in your home. This is especially important for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems. Thanks to highly sensitive fine dust sensor technology, the appliance reacts immediately to excessive levels of harmful substances and automatically adjusts its purifying performance. 

with AQI measurement in real time

for quality and sustainability

So that you can use the appliance in your bedroom and sleep soundly at night, the Venta air purifier has different noise levels depending on the settings (19-51 dB(A)). 

If you would like an air purifier as well as a humidifier, the hybrid appliance Professional AH902 is a good solution. 

Venta Air Purifier


AP902 Professional Air Purifier
Room size up to 75 m² Certified Nelior filter technology with HEPA 14 clean room filters acc. to DIN EN 1822 Coarse dust filters for particles up to 10 μm increase the service life of HEPA 14 clean room filters Professional PM2.5 particle sensor for real-time air quality display Convenient control with the Venta Home App Air quality display according to worldwide Air Quality Index
AH902 Professional Air Washer
Airwasher with hybrid functionality as an air purifier and humidifier Room size up to 70 m² Highly efficient humidification with VentWave™ 3D technology Low-maintenance operation thanks to patented hygiene disk – without chemical additives Certified Nelior filter technology with HEPA 14 clean room filter acc. to DIN EN 1822 Coarse dust filters for particles down to 10 μm increase the service life of the HEPA 14 clean room filter Up to 99.9 % sterilisation thanks to UVC technology Professional sensors for real-time air quality & humidity display Convenient control with the Venta Home App 
LP60 Ultra Air Purifier
For rooms up to 75 m² Two coarse dust filters (washable) Two allergen, virus and fine dust filters remove particles of down to 0.1 μm Naturally reduces harmful substances in the air Intelligent particle sensor monitors and controls air quality Interactive touch display Quiet operation Remote control