Air Purifier

Removes up to 99.995 % of allergens, fine dust, and viruses from indoor air.

Clean air for your home

The Venta Air Purifier helps you to breathe easier by filtering airborne particles like allergens, fine dust and other pollutants, to provide your home with cleaner and healthier air.

How it works
The Air Purifiers draw in the ambient air, clean it and then release the purified air. The filters are structured in such a way that they can collect even the tiniest airborne particles (as small as 0.07 microns, depending on the device).

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Venta Air Purifier


AP902 Professional Air Purifier
  • Room size up to 75 m² 
  • Certified Nelior filter technology with HEPA 14 clean room filters acc. to DIN EN 1822 
  • Coarse dust filters for particles up to 10 μm increase the service life of HEPA 14 clean room filters 
  • Professional PM2.5 particle sensor for real-time air quality display 
  • Convenient control with the Venta Home App 
  • Air quality display according to worldwide Air Quality Index
Room size up to 75 m² Certified Nelior filter technology with HEPA 14 clean room filters acc. to DIN EN 1822 Coarse dust filters for particles up to 10 μm increase the service life of HEPA 14 clean room filters Professional PM2.5 particle sensor for real-time air quality display Convenient control with the Venta Home App Air quality display according to worldwide Air Quality Index

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LP60 Ultra Air Purifier
  • For rooms up to 75 m² 
  • Two coarse dust filters (washable) 
  • Two allergen, virus and fine dust filters remove particles of down to 0.1 μm 
  • Naturally reduces harmful substances in the air 
  • Intelligent particle sensor monitors and controls air quality 
  • Interactive touch display 
  • Quiet operation 
  • Remote control
For rooms up to 75 m² Two coarse dust filters (washable) Two allergen, virus and fine dust filters remove particles of down to 0.1 μm Naturally reduces harmful substances in the air Intelligent particle sensor monitors and controls air quality Interactive touch display Quiet operation Remote control


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Patented filter technology – takes action against allergens, dust & viruses

The right combination of filters is a key factor when using the Air Purifier to eliminate viruses, aerosols, allergens and other airborne particles. The Venta Air Purifier uses patented filter technology to filter out 99.995% of airborne particles down to 0.07 microns in size.

When necessary, you can even insert an active carbon filter in most of our Air Purifiers. This filters out unpleasant odors, for example from cooking, down to 0.0002 microns.

Graphic: Certified H14 filter filters air particles from the room air.


  • Viruses
  • Aerosols
  • Bacteria
  • Mold spores
  • House dust & dust mites
  • Pollen and allergens
  • Pet hair
  • Skin flakes
  • Hazardous particulate matter (PM1)


Venta Air Purifiers are ideally suited for allergy sufferers, people with breathing difficulties and anyone who wants pure, clean room air.

The patented filter technology continuously removes pollutants like allergens, e.g. pollen or pet hair, to help relieve allergic symptoms.
Since the device also filters out airborne house dust, spores and microparticles, they also provide relief to people with respiratory ailments.

Air Purifiers are particularly useful in areas where there is a high level of air pollution. That's because although you can exchange the air by opening the windows, the tiniest particles like fine dust from the outdoor air will enter indoors.

The Air Purifier improves the room climate in your home and removes up to 99.995% of the pollutants from indoor air.

Smart home-enabled Air Purifier with AirConnect

Do you want to quickly check the air quality at home while you're out? The practical Venta Home app makes it so easy, since it gives you the option of monitoring and managing your WiFi enable Air Purifier from anywhere.

If you are also using our air quality monitor AirSense, the Air Purifier and AirSense communicate with each other: for instance, if the fine dust level in the room is too high, the device will adjust accordingly to restore good air quality.

The WiFi-enabled devices Air Humidifier, Air Purifier and Airwasher work hand in hand with the Venta Home app and AirSense. Together they comprise the world of Venta AirConnect. You can operate all Venta devices together as well as separately.


Does the room air have too many particles, like dust? That's not a problem for the Venta Air Purifier, because its smart sensor technology monitors and manages air quality and automatically responds in real time when pollution levels are too high.

The Air Purifier responds by automatically adjusting its cleaning performance.


The Air Purifier functions especially well in closed rooms. The capacity of the Air Purifier must correspond to the room size for it to efficiently remove airborne particles from indoor air. We have designed high-performing and extremely quiet devices for large rooms up to 800 square feet in size, to also provide clean air in larger rooms.

Application areas of the Air Purifier

Relief from pollen and allergens

Seemingly harmless particles, like pollen, grass, dust or pet hair can often make life difficult for allergy sufferers, even at home. Our Air Purifiers have therefore been developed especially for allergy sufferers and individuals with breathing difficulties.

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Air Purifiers eliminate viruses & aerosols

When we breathe, speak or cough, we release aerosols, or airborne droplets, into the air. These can contain invisible, infectious viruses, bacteria and other pollutants. A Venta Air Purifier helps filter out viruses and aerosols from indoor air.

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Woman with cleaning bucket and mop in her hands to counteract allergies by cleaning.

Air Purifiers handle all kinds of dust

Dust is a real problem for allergy sufferers, but high levels of particulate matter can actually bother anyone. An Air Purifier helps eliminate both house dust and hazardous particulate matter (PM1) as small as 0.07 µm.

Venta Air Washer Professional against viruses in the living room.

Dual function: combined humidification and air purification

Do you want clean air, but also want it to be well-humidified? In this case, we recommend our Airwasher, which combines both humidification and air purification technologies. It’s like having two appliances in one.

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