Hygiene Disc 3x for Professional

  • For hygienic humidification
  • Patented Venta technology
  • Water softening by ion exchange
  • Decalcifies the water
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to change
  • Durable for approx. 3 months per disc
  • Made in Germany


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Product number: 2121600

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For almost maintenance-free, hygienic operation

Venta hygiene disks are an accessory for the 6-type models of the following Humidifier and Airwasher: Professional AW902 and AH902.

They contain an ion exchange granulate enriched with silver for softening water. This prevents limescale deposits in the water tray. The disks remove the need for hygiene additives and water softeners.

You benefit from hygienic, perfect operation. There’s no need for intensive cleaning, so you can sit back and relax. All you have to do is fill the easy-to-remove water tank and replace the Venta hygiene disk after approx. 3 months. You can rely on perfect, practically maintenance-free and full operation for 3 months.

Please note: Depending on the water hardness, hours of operation and daily evaporation performance, change the hygiene disk at the
latest every 3 months.

10% recycling discount for your next purchase

Do something good for the environment - send your used hygienic disc incl. packaging back to us free of charge* and receive a 10% discount on the purchase of your new hygienic disc directly from our shop.

We have the hygienic disc recycled according to the latest environmental standards, so together we can make the world a little bit greener.

*The DHL return label is automatically included in the packaging of every hygienic disc order. 

AW902 Professional Air Humidifier
Room size up to 120 m² Highly efficient humidification using VentWave™ 3D technology Low-maintenance operation thanks to patented hygiene disk – without chemical additives Up to 99.9 % sterilisation thanks to UVC technology Convenient control with the Venta Home App Reduces pollen and house dust – important for people suffering from allergies 

AH902 Professional Air Washer
Airwasher with hybrid functionality as an air purifier and humidifier Room size up to 70 m² Highly efficient humidification with VentWave™ 3D technology Low-maintenance operation thanks to patented hygiene disk – without chemical additives Certified Nelior filter technology with HEPA 14 clean room filter acc. to DIN EN 1822 Coarse dust filters for particles down to 10 μm increase the service life of the HEPA 14 clean room filter Up to 99.9 % sterilisation thanks to UVC technology Professional sensors for real-time air quality & humidity display Convenient control with the Venta Home App