Why Humidity is Essential for Musicians and their Instruments

Between hydration for the body and proper instrument maintenance, humidity is essential for musicians and their instruments to be successful in their art.

Outside of the body, the amount of humidity indoor air contains fluctuates just as it does outside. Hour by hour, day by day, year after year, humidity and heat rise and fall. Air conditioning and heating units turn on and off, making this roller coaster of unpredictable atmosphere a detriment to indoor air quality.

Sore throats, dry skin, and other upper respiratory problems – all the result of dry air.

Now let’s talk about your instrument.


This swelling and shrinking of wood that too much or too little humidity is causing your instruments to deteriorate and creates a subpar performance.

So, how does a musician and his instrument stay hydrated?

Think constant. What you and your instrument need is a stable environment, one that has a regulated source of humidity, which is good maintenance for both your instrument’s health and yours.

Renowned British violinist and former Juilliard musical student, Nigel Kennedy has a good point when he speaks about tending to the climate that surrounds his 279-year-old violin. A steward of a musical instrument made in 1734, Nigel not only performs for present-day audiences, he is preserving the state of music for future audiences.

So what’s the solution?

Your trusted personal air humidity control system, the Venta Humidifier creates that environmental balance you and your instrument desperately need.

Just as our bodies get dehydrated and our skin becomes dry and cracked in cold weather, wooden instruments respond to extreme temperature changes in a similar way. Keeping your instrument in top condition will ensure you will be passing the beauty of music on for decades to come.