Celebrate Fall While Tackling Dry Air

Fall is a special time of year and warrants celebrating. It can also bring dry air and aggravating allergies. Here are our tips to enjoy fall in peace.

Football season, pumpkin patches, and back-to-school season are all hallmarks of it being fall.  While there are so many great things to celebrate about the fall season, it, unfortunately, means allergies are in full swing and dry air is on the way. We’re rounding up some helpful tips to enjoy the fall season while tacking tackling dry air and allergy symptoms.

Make Your Home a Fall and Winter-Ready Wonderland

Fall is a busy season with hosting football “couch-gating” parties, cooking tasty treats for Halloween, and spending time with the family. Before jumping into these activities, keep in mind these tips for keeping your home healthy come fall and wintertime.

  • Keep shoes and coats in separate rooms from where you eat, sleep and hang out. Outerwear like shoes and coats is the easiest way to drag pollen indoors, which can aggravate you while you sleep or try to enjoy some downtime at home.
  • Shower before bed if you’ve spent lots of time outdoors. In conjunction with the previous point, wash off any pollen you may have accumulated, on your clothes or in your hair, before going to bed.
  • This goes for your furry friends, too. Keep them well-groomed and be sure to wash them of any pollen they may have collected after spending a significant amount of time outdoors.
  • Spring clean, but in the fall. Make sure you do a thorough clean of your home before closing it up for the season. Having windows open all summer may have brought more dust and allergens indoors. Dust mites are a common allergen and are found pretty much anywhere in your home. Check on areas that tend to collect a lot of dust.
  • Use any of Venta’s 100% all-natural essential oils to give your home a fresh smell. Our vanilla fragrance will leave your home smelling like baked goods, a go-to for anyone who wants to fool party guests into thinking those store-bought treats are actually homemade!

Image Source: A Magical Mess

  • Nobody likes dry, cracked skin. And that’s just what fall and winter will surely bring. Cooler temperatures mean heaters will be turned on, which can wreak havoc on your body and skin, especially when you sleep at night. The average person loses between two to three glasses of water each night through perspiration and respiration, causing a feeling of dehydration and exhaustion upon waking. Keeping a Venta Humidifier in your bedroom will not only help you sleep, but will also provide properly hydrated indoor air.
  • While you are running your humidifier to keep the air in your home perfectly moisturized, it will also be naturally reducing indoor air pollutants. Use it in the living room, bedroom, or office to improve your indoor air quality and rid your air of allergens.
  • Be prepared to take on outdoor activities by staying in the know with allergy and asthma apps for your mobile device. This way you’ll know ahead of time if you’ll need to stock up on allergy medications before heading to the football tailgate or the pumpkin patch.

We hope these tips will get you ready to take on the fall season without falling victim to dry skin or allergy attacks! What are your go-to fall and winter preparation tips? Let us know!