Seven Free Seasonal Allergy and Asthma Apps You NEED

Apps are needed for managing asthma and allergies from pollen

Don’t let seasonal allergies and asthma hold you back from enjoying the outdoors. Have the best tools in your hand with these free phone apps.

Spring, summer, and fall are great times to spend outside, whether it’s to enjoy the budding trees and flowers, lush grass, or changing leaves. Unfortunately, for millions of people, these joys cannot be experienced without seasonal allergies and oftentimes asthma.

Thankfully, there’s an app for just about anything these days, including tracking pollen counts, providing allergy alerts, and recording asthma history.  How handy would it be to have all this information in the palm of your hand?

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Whether it’s tree pollen in the spring, grass in the summer, or ragweed in the fall, we’ve rounded up seven apps to get you through allergy and asthma season. The best part, they are all FREE.

There are mobile apps for everything these days.’s Allergy Alert

The leaders in pollen tracking, pollen forecasting, and research, this app will help prepare you for the day with the following features:

  • 5 days of weather and allergy forecasts
  • Allergy diary to help you keep track of symptoms
  • Detailed information about pollen allergens, descriptions, and images
  • Side-by-side digital display of allergy and weather forecasts
  • Each season focuses on different pollen allergens from trees to grass to ragweed
  • The ability to sync your personal logged symptoms with where you can then print your reports for an allergist or physician
  • Available for both Android and iPhone

Zyrtec Allergycast

From a trusted leader in the allergy medication industry, this app is great for planning ahead (10 days) and lets you create multiple symptom profiles for additional allergy sufferers. Further features include:

  • Daily allergy impact and pollen count
  • Current, hourly, and 10-day weather forecasts, plus 4-day allergy forecasts
  • Symptom tracking for yourself and others
  • Customizable notifications that alert you when pollen is high
  • Available for both Android and iPhone

WebMD Allergy App

This app covers more than just seasonal allergies. It is specialized for all types of allergies including indoor, outdoor, food, insect, skin, drug, and latex. Other app highlights:

  • Delivers allergy levels based on your locations; ability to save locations
  • An allergy tracker can track how you feel, what your symptoms are, and allows you to add notes
  • Browse allergy related articles
  • Personalized forecast and tips based on the allergies you search/select
  • Allergy alerts
  • Available for both Android and iPhone

Phone with asthma and allergy apps sitting on coffee table


The creators of the AsthmaMD Peak Flow Meter (available in 15,000 stores nationwide & Amazon) have developed an app designed to work in conjunction with their device that easily creates an overview of your asthma activity right on your mobile phone.

  • Track your asthma activity
  • Visualize asthma activity on a color graph
  • Send asthma activity information to your physician
  • Track how medication is helping
  • Track asthma triggers
  • Available on Android and iPhone

Propeller Health

Designed to work with the Propeller Bluetooth Sensor that attaches to your inhaler, the app will automatically record when and where you use your inhaler to make it easier to see trends, track symptoms, and communicate with your doctor.

  • Enables you to learn about your asthma triggers
  • Gives you personal feedback on your condition, triggers, and how to improve your control
  • Reminders to take medication
  • Alerts family and physician if your symptoms are getting worse
  • Available on Android and iPhone

Tree in full bloom makes you use allergy apps to track pollen


  • Medication and refill  reminder
  • Time zone knowledgeable, so it stays on track even when you’re traveling
  • Educational info about your medications and your condition
  • #1 pharmacist-ranked app for pill reminder
  • Progress report creation and option to send to your physician
  • Available for Android and iPhone


When an allergic reaction strikes and you don’t know where the nearest doctor is, that’s when you need Zocdoc. A doctor or allergist locator that allows you to book appointments within minutes makes this app a must-have.

  • Review a doctor’s credentials, specialties, education, and languages they speak
  • Read reviews right in the app
  • Match insurance, zip code, city, and specialty
  • Available for Android of iPhone

Allergies and asthma should not hold you back from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. These apps will be helpful to plan ahead and take control of your active outdoor lifestyle.

Did we hit on all the best allergy and asthma apps out there? What do you use? Let us know!