The Back to School Allergies and Asthma Guide for Your Kids

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It’s back to school season, don’t let allergies and asthma get in the way! Follow our guide on being prepared to face allergies and asthma at school.

When it seems like summer was just getting started, it’s suddenly back to school season again. Whether you’re looking forward to sending your kids back to school or not, there are necessary health concerns that must be considered. Going back to school can bring a whole new set of allergy or asthma triggers into your child’s daily routine, so it is best to be prepared on how to stay healthy at school.

Know the Triggers

During summer vacation, your child spends a lot of time in the comfort of safe surroundings. Heading back to school can, unfortunately, mean exposure to allergens or asthma triggers that they may not have experienced in the past few months. Whether that’s sitting next to a classmate with a pet at home, their teacher using cleaning supplies that irritate your child’s respiratory system, or lots of time spent in the school courtyard (where there happens to be ragweed pollen), it’s important to know what triggers asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

Communicate with School

Be sure to meet with your child’s school including administrators, teachers, classroom assistants, nurses, and activities coaches. It is best for everyone to be informed of your child’s allergy or asthma. If your child is carrying their own allergy or asthma medication with them, make sure you communicate this information as well. All 50 states have laws that allow children to carry and use their inhalers in school. If an allergic reaction or asthma attack becomes severe enough, it is important that the supervising instructor understands the situation and knows how they can help.

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Understanding Their Allergy or Asthma

Depending on your child’s age, it can be difficult for them to self-manage their allergies and asthma. However, the earlier they become aware of what it is they are allergic to and how it affects their health, the better off they will be when they are away from you at school. Understanding that an allergic reaction or asthma attack is a serious matter will help them want to take responsibility and to look out for triggers.

If your child is old enough to have a smartphone, there are plenty of apps that exist with the sole purpose of being a helpful aid to those who suffer from allergies and asthma. If they need a reminder to take a certain medication, a quick forecast of what allergens are in the area, a symptoms log and so much more, it might be worth it to download one of these apps.

Visit With Their Physician for a Check-Up

Prior to the school year starting, it doesn’t hurt to visit your child’s physician or allergist for a check-up. Some kids outgrow certain allergies and some develop different allergies as they grow older. If they are starting to play competitive sports, make sure they are prepared with an inhaler and that their coach is aware of their asthma.

Set Up a Healthy Environment at Home

Going back to school is exciting and can be a little nerve-wracking for parents of kids who have allergies and asthma. While you may do everything you can to communicate with the school and your kids about the seriousness of their allergies or asthma, there are still concerns about being in an environment that cannot be completely controlled or monitored.

Make it a point to have the healthiest air at home for your kids to come home to. Reduce the allergens in your air liken pollen and dust while also adding the right amount of humidity to dry air with the Venta Humidifier. A clean air environment means more concentration to get homework done, fewer sick days, and better sleep. A humidified room leaves you feeling refreshed and alert, a perfect way to start the new school day for your kiddos.

Kate from the lifestyle blog, Cool Mom Tech, graciously reviewed the Venta Humidifier and is looking forward to the health benefits the humidifier will bring her family during the school year:

“During those rough months of horrible allergies and cold after cold with our kids, a device like the Venta Humidifier could be a huge help. It reduces the allergens in the air that are making us sneeze and wheeze and then adds humidity into the air that helps so much at night with chest colds.

[…] there are three very quiet settings for the fan. I would also turn it up to put in the room with sick kids overnight, or if you’ve got someone with pretty bad allergies. The largest model can actually cover a fair amount of space, so if you’ve got a family with severe allergies (or say, a pet), you might want to keep it on the highest setting, especially if they spend a lot of time in that part of your house.”

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Image Source: Cool Mom Tech

Getting allergy and asthma ready for the back-to-school season doesn’t have to be a headache. The right preparations will ensure that your child and school are knowledgeable about being proactive for a healthy school year.