Professional AW902

  • Room size up to 120 m² 
  • Highly efficient humidification using VentWave™ 3D technology 
  • Low-maintenance operation thanks to patented hygiene disk – without chemical additives 
  • Up to 99.9 % sterilisation thanks to UVC technology 
  • Convenient control with the Venta Home App 
  • Reduces pollen and house dust – important for people suffering from allergies 
Product number: 2077001

Currently not available

For rooms up to 120 m²

Air humidified to an optimal 40 to 60 %

Up to 99.9 % sterilisation thanks to UVC technology

Air pollutants naturally reduced
(at an indoor humidity of 40 to 60%)

Interactive touch display

WiFi/WLAN app control




Hygienic humidification with airwasher – without filters, without mist

The high-performing state-of-the-art AW902 Professional Airwasher supports efficient humidification with patented humidification and hygiene technology. The integrated UVC lamp prevents the formation of viruses and bacteria, stopping them in their tracks. You can use the Venta app to control your AW902. It is ideal for modern homes and offices with ventilation systems up to 120 m².

VentWave™ plasma-activated 3D disk stack & patented hygiene disk

It features thousands of tiny openings which ensure that noticeably more water molecules evaporate than on a flat surface. Thanks to plasma activation, its evaporation performance is much more efficient while using a lot less material. You can easily dismantle the innovative VentWave™ for cleaning. Our patented Venta hygiene disk minimises cleaning, softens tap water, ensures hygienic humidification – and all that without the need for chemical additives.

UVC hygiene

The UVC lamp on the AW902 Professional prevents the formation of microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, and mould pores, stopping them in their tracks in the water and the appliance – without emitting any ozone.

Interactive touch display

A professional sensor system measures, monitors, and controls humidity – for an optimal 40–60 % humidity – with an extremely effective automatic mode, five power levels, and a unique comfort zone display. The display can be set in eight languages. The AW902 is particularly user-friendly with a display showing the runtime and a range of information on cleaning, hygiene disk, water tank.

Control and monitoring via Venta Home App


Model Professional AW902 Professional AP902 Professional AH902
Colour Grey
Grey Grey
For room sizes* Up to 120 m² Up to 75 m² Up to 70 m²
Interactive touch display Standard Standard Standard
App control Standard WiFi / WLAN Standard WiFi / WLAN Standard WiFi / WLAN
Measuring sensors Humidity + temperature Air quality + humidity + temperature Air quality + humidity + temperature
Coarse dust filter - Standard, double Standard, single
Allergen, virus and fine dust filter - Standard, double Standard, single
Active carbon filter - Optional Optional
Water hygiene Standard - Standard
UVC hygiene Standard - Standard
Power levels 5 + Automatic 5 + Automatic + Turbo Boost 5 + Automatic
Noise emissions (levels 1–5) 22 / 32 / 42 / 47 / 52 dB(A) 19 / 29 / 40 / 46 / 51 dB(A) 17 / 26 / 37 / 43 / 47 dB(A)
Power consumption (levels 1–5) 6 / 9 / 16 / 25 / 38 Watt 7 / 8 / 14 / 21 / 33 Watt 7 / 8 / 14 / 20 / 32 Watt
Turbo Boost - 60 dB(A) & 60 W -
Water content (max.) 12 litres - 12 litres
Dimensions (L x W x H) 61 x 30 x 52 cm 61 x 30 x 52 cm 61 x 30 x 52 cm
Weight 13 kg 13 kg 13 kg

*based on a ceiling height at a max of 2.5 m

Suitable accessories

Cleaner (250 ml)
Venta cleaner (250 ml) for the following Venta appliances: Airwashers Original LW15 / LW25 / LW45 Airwashers Comfort Plus LW25 / LW45 Airwashers App Control LW60T WiFi and Hybrid App Control LPH60 WiFi Airwashers AeroStyle LW73 / LW74Airwasher Professional AW902 and Hybrid Professional AH902Removes limescale and stubborn dirt Eco-friendly and natural Odourless, colourless Formulated for the synthetic material of your Venta appliance Extends the service life of your appliance Made in Germany If stored correctly – in a dark and cool place – shelf life up to 30 months 1 250-ml bottle