Poor Indoor Air Quality in Winter? Try these Effective Fixes

The deteriorating air quality worldwide is leading to a number of health issues and is responsible for countless allergy flare-ups. During winter, indoor air quality suffers even more due to reduced ventilation and dry winter air. Thankfully, there are simple fixes available that will allow you to breathe in safe, healthy air even in closed spaces during winter. Here are a few top fixes for the most common air quality issues during the winter season.

Use a Humidifier

The chilly dry winter air is more dangerous than one might perceive. Largely because of the lower humidity levels. Reduced humidity makes viruses like influenza more potent and can even reduce immunity as the nose and throat become dry. 

While indoor plants that are watered regularly offer a viable solution to restoring indoor humidity, they too produce carbon dioxide at night that can negatively affect health.

If you’re already using an air purifier and trust it to restore the humidity levels, you’ll have to reconsider as continued use of an air purifier can actually make the indoor air dryer as it passes through the air purifier again and again. This article from Air Purifier Mag perfectly explains the difference between an air purifier and a humidifier and what health benefits each brings.

Using a humidifier will keep your indoor air at the optimal humidity level and will keep dry-air-induced sicknesses and problems at bay.

Clean your HVAC Filters

Most buildings are equipped with HVAC systems these days and mostly they have a user-serviceable filter that people often forget to clean or replace. If you have such a system or have a furnace for supplemental heat, then checking the air filters or replacing worn-out ones can go a long way in ensuring that the built-up pollutants don’t make their way back into the indoor air.

If you’re using stoves or other supplemental heating devices, they can make the indoor air even worse with the production of excessive carbon dioxide and monoxide. While you can tackle these with the introduction of indoor plants, the only true solution is proper ventilation.

Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers present an excellent way of tacking the stale indoor air, especially during winters. It is proven through numerous studies that reduced ventilation can lead to an increase in pet dander, dust, and even odors in the indoor air.

If your home has odors, the VENTAcarb Filter filters out strong odors and gases with its pliable material, granular carbon encased in carbon mesh, when used in combination with the VENTAcel Filter. The washable pre-filter of your air purifier is excellent at filtering out pet hair and other large particles, making the LP60 Air Purifier an all-around excellent choice for air purification.

Deploy the King of Indoor Air Humidity Control

Venta’s Comfort Plus Humidifiers bring an innovative solution to the dry and chilly indoor air. The humidifier is safe to use with tap water and will maintain a steady humidity level thanks to its advanced sensors. Maintaining natural levels of humidity also helps keep air contaminant levels at a minimum. In addition, the Venta Comfort Plus Humidifiers are air purifier friendly and can be paired with a Venta Air Purifier for a complete solution to indoor air quality issues.