Pets and Indoor Air Quality: Pets Can Benefit from Venta Too

Indoor air quality not only affects people but also impacts our pets’ wellbeing.

Respiratory Health in Pets

Airborne particles in the home can be linked to respiratory disease in some pets, according to a recent study. Indoor air pollutants such as dust, allergens, mold, pollen, smoke, and other irritants that affect respiratory health in humans can also lead to respiratory issues in dogs, cats, birds, and other household pets. This is especially true when our pets reach their senior years. Keep your indoor air free of toxins with Venta Air Purifiers, which purify air pollutants down to 0.07 microns. Avoid smoking indoors and use pet-safe cleaning products to further protect the respiratory health of your pet companion.

Skin Allergies in Pets

Just as dry skin can become a nuisance to humans, our pets can also experience skin irritations caused by dry air. Dry indoor air can cause pets’ skin to become itchy, flaky, or red, can lead to a dry nose, generate respiratory health concerns, and even produce more dander. With the right humidifier, your pet can experience relief from dry skin and allergies caused by their environment. Of course, dry skin could be generated from a more serious canine or feline condition, which is why it is important you always check with your veterinarian.

Reduce or Eliminate Pet Hair and Dander

There are a few easy ways to reduce or eliminate pet hair and dander.

  1. Dust surfaces regularly. Pet hair and dander can become airborne, and there is no telling where they will land – shelves, furniture, window treatments, or floors.
  2. Vacuum and/or sweep regularly. Even short-haired or hypoallergenic breeds shed and produce dander.
  3. Brush your dog out regularly (our feline friends have this one covered), especially those with thick coats where dander has more places to hide.
  4. Run an air purifier year-round. 


What other tips do you have for reducing or eliminating pet hair and dander? Tell us in the comments!