Not All Humidifiers are Created Equal

When it comes to over-humidification, the dangers go beyond saturated floors and furniture.

We talk quite a bit about how Venta Humidifiers will not over-humidify, but what are the real dangers of over-humification? Just as dry, under-humidified spaces are a hazard to our health, over-humidified air can be just as dangerous. The natural humidification process of cold evaporation utilized by Venta humidifiers ensures healthy humidity levels ranging from 40% to 60%, which makes our humidifiers ideal for spaces of all sizes.

Furniture, Walls, and Floors

Vaporizers, ultrasonic, and other mist-type humidifiers will continuously emit moisture until the water reservoir is empty, regardless of what relative humidity levels are reached. Not only can this damage wood floors, furniture, carpet, and walls, but can also produce unhealthy white dust. Over-humidified wood floors can begin to warp, and the support boards beneath can become damaged. Too much humidity in a space can also cause paint to peel, water stains to appear on your walls or ceiling, as well as unpleasant odors.


Moisture is the key to mold growth. Relative humidity levels above 60% provide mold spores the opportunity to grow and multiply, so keeping humidity at an optimal level of 40-60% will help control the growth of mold and mildew. It is no secret that mold is a health hazard, especially to those with respiratory issues, children of all ages, the elderly, and people who have a compromised immune system. Unlike many traditional humidifiers, Venta Humidifiers will never over-humidify, which eliminates the possibility of mold growth in or around the unit. Not only do our humidifiers eradicate the risk of mold growth, but are also an excellent choice to rid your indoor air of harmful mold and bacteria.

Nurseries and Children’s Rooms

The humidity levels in a baby’s space are perhaps one of the most crucial to properly maintain. Pediatricians everywhere recommend parents keep a humidifier in spaces where infants spend a substantial amount of time in order to help relieve dry skin, congestion, and general sickness.  Traditional humidifiers run the risk of over-humidifying your baby’s space, which can lead to mold growth and dust mites. This mold caused by the extra humidity can lead to respiratory issues for your child or infant.

Baby monitors can be quite costly, so why expose your monitors to the wrong humidifier? Mist-type humidifiers force moisture into the air until the water is depleted. If expensive baby monitors are within close proximity of the cold or warm mist, the electronics can be compromised.

 Musical Instruments

Musical instruments, particularly wooden instruments such as violins, cellos, and bass, require proper humidification to continuously produce the best sound. Over-humidification of an instrument can cause the instrument to absorb too much moisture, which can lead to expansion, swelling, permanent warping, increased weight, and can even cause the glue joints to dissolve.

The choice of a proper humidifier for the protection of your musical instrument is an important one. Avoid over-humidification, mist, and white dust common in other humidifiers with a Venta humidifier.

**The contents of the Venta blog are intended for informational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of health and medical professionals. Always refer to your physician or other qualified healthcare professionals for questions or concerns you may have about your health and wellness.