April Showers Bring May Flowers (and Irritating Allergies)!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, flowers are in full bloom this spring. Don’t let allergies ruin your spring activities, use these tips for prevention.

Pollen gets transported from plant to plant by insects, wind, birds, and other animals. This makes spending time outside difficult for those who suffer from pollen allergies. Pollen can also be tracked indoors on pets, clothes, and shoes. Pollen seems to be everywhere, so how can an allergy sufferer make it through allergy season? Follow our prevention tips for ways to improve your allergy season experience.

Keep the Pollen Allergens Outside


When you know it’s the height of allergy season, it’s best to train yourself and your family to keep from tracking allergens inside. Remove shoes before entering your home. Keep windows and screen doors closed to prevent pollen from entering inside. Spray pets down with a hose before coming inside. Also make your bedroom a no-pet zone, as sleeping with a pet can make allergies worse. No puppy dog eyes allowed!

Stay Connected to Forecasts and Pollen Counts

Use a smartphone app to stay connected to all things allergies and asthma. We’ve put together an entire guide to the best FREE allergy and asthma apps available. These apps cover anything from weather forecasts, pollen counts, and allergy prescription refill reminders. Who knew allergy prevention could fit in the palm of your hand?

Take Control of Your Indoor Air Quality

Keep your indoor air quality healthy and well ventilated. When it’s best to keep your windows closed to prevent pollen from plants, flowers, and trees from entering your home, how do you keep your air feeling fresh? Especially when indoor air quality is often found to be more harmful than outdoor air quality. The solution is to clean your air with Venta Air Purifiers. By trapping allergens and other airborne pollutants down to 0.07 microns, only pure, clean air is released back into your space. 


“The Venta helped reduce my allergy issues significantly. I had less allergy attacks, less nose bleeds (I get these a TON in the winter), and my skin was less dry. Using the Venta in my bedroom helped me sleep better, and reduced the smells and dust in the air-again making it easier to avoid allergy attacks.” – lifestyle blog, The Centsible Life


Too much humidity inside your home can produce conditions for mold and dust mite growth, which is why the Venta Humidifier is perfect as it never over-humidifies. By our revolutionary cold evaporation process, the air in your room will only take the moisture it needs from the humidifier, preventing any kind of over-humidification.

Humidify dry air-conditioned room air to prevent common dry air problems like dry skin, itchy eyes, or dry nasal passages. Simultaneously reduce allergy symptoms when you run the humidifier. It’s a springtime no-brainer.

Spring Clean All Season Long

While you could always benefit from a pre-season spring clean, staying on top of your spring cleaning all season long will help with allergy symptoms. Regularly dust surfaces and change sheets frequently. Bed sheets are unfortunately a popular place for dust mites to hang out. Invest in a hypoallergenic mattress and box spring covers to keep dust mites to a minimum.

Know Your Triggers

Get professionally tested by an allergist to find out what exactly is causing your allergies to flare up in the spring. This will help to know what triggers to avoid whether it be pets, flowers, trees, or grass. Listen to your physician and take allergy medication regularly. Several of the allergy apps mentioned earlier in this post even have alarms and reminders you can set to make taking your medication regularly easier.


How are you staying on top of your seasonal allergies this spring? What additional ways to prevent debilitating symptoms do you suggest? Let us know in the comments!