LW45 Comfort Plus Air Humidifier

  • Premium Humidifier 
  • For rooms up to 60 m² 
  • Healthy air humidified to an optimal 40 to 60% 
  • Hygienic cold evaporation with innovative VentWave™ technology for increased evaporation performance. The design uses less material for a better eco-balance 
  • Uses tap water 
  • Harmful substances in the air naturally reduced at an indoor humidity of 40 to 60% 
  • Digital hygrostat monitors and controls relative humidity 
  • Interactive touch display


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For room sizes up to 60 m²

Air humidified to an optimal 40 to 60 %

Air pollutants naturally reduced
(at an indoor humidity of 40 to 60%)

Interactive touch display

Reduction of pollen and house dust particles




Breathe freely

Innovative air humidification

Even an ingenious invention like the first Humidifier developed by Fred Hitzler can be improved when smart and dedicated engineers put their minds to it. Now, the innovative technology in the Comfort Plus ensures faster* humidification and more efficient natural reduction of harmful substances. The novel VentWave™ 3D disk stack rotates in a water tray, evaporating hygienically clean water for indoor air humidification. Simultaneously, harmful substances such as house dust and pollen are naturally reduced in the air or captured in the water inside the Humidifier.

* Compared to the Original LW25 or Original LW45

The easy way to healthy indoor air

Intuitive touch display

Tap to switch on or off, select between three power levels
using + and –, sleep mode with dimmed display and ultra-quiet operation, automatic mode matches power level to current humidity. Controlling your Comfort Plus Humidifier couldn’t be easier.
Thanks to the integrated hydrostat, the display indicates and controls the air humidity in real time.

Innovative evaporation

Each individual disk of the new VentWave™ 3D disk stack is based on a principle found in nature. Just like stomata on the underside of a leaf, thousands of tiny openings ensure that far more water molecules evaporate in the same time than on a flat surface.

What’s more, the new VentWave™ is better for the environment because the innovative 3D disk stack uses up to 31% less plastic.*

* Compared to the disk stack of the Original l LW25 or Original LW45.

Natural air humidification

Our Comfort Plus humidifier models LW25 / LW45 only use water. They don’t need any additional mats or filters to humidify the air and reduce harmful substances (at indoor humidity of 40 to 60%).

Reliable operation

Simply fill your Comfort Plus Humidifier with fresh tap water to enjoy great air quality. There is even an aromatherapy option. Venta offers
six fragrances from relaxing to invigorating.

Easy cleaning

Simply lift the electrical unit and fan out of the housing in one movement. To clean your Humidifier every 14 days or so, empty out the water, remove any deposits in the tray, rinse the disk stack with water and fill with fresh water and Venta water treatment additive. Job done.

Comfort Plus Humidifier – Breathe easy

Model Comfort Plus LW25 Comfort Plus LW45
Colours Brillant white / brillant black Brillant white / brillant black
For room sizes* Up to 45 m² Up to 60 m²
Interactive touch display Standard Standard
Measuring sensors Humidity Humidity
Water hygiene Accessories Accessories
Power levels 3 + Automatic 3 + Automatic
Noise emissions (levels 1–3) 24 / 34 / 44 dB(A) 24 / 35 / 45 dB(A)
Power consumption (levels 1–3) 3 / 5 / 8 watts 3 / 5 / 8 watts
Water content (max.) 7 litres 10 litres
Dimensions (L x W x H) 30 x 30 x 33 cm 45 x 30 x 33 cm
Weight 3.5 kg 5.2 kg

*based on a ceiling height at a max of 2.5 m

Suitable accessories

Hygiene Additive (500 ml)
  • For the Venta Humidifier Original LW15 / LW25 / LW45, Comfort Plus LW25 / LW45, Original Connect
  • Prevents limescale deposits in the water tray
  • More efficient evaporation process: 30% higher evaporation
  • Supports hygienic continuous operation
  • Extends the service life of your Venta appliance
  • Good biodegradability
  • Odourless
  • Shelf life of up to 30 months; after opening, use within 12 months

Cleaner (250 ml)
  • Venta cleaner (250 ml) for the following Venta appliances:
  • Humidifier Original LW15 / LW25 / LW45
  • Humidifier Comfort Plus LW25 / LW45
  • Humidifier Original Connect AH510 / AH515 / AH530 / AH535 / AH550 / AH555
  • Humidifier App Control LW60T WiFi and Humidifier App Control LPH60 WiFi
  • Humidifier AeroStyle LW73 / LW74
  • Humidifier Professional AW902 and Professional AH902 Humidifier
  • Removes limescale and stubborn dirt
  • Eco-friendly and natural
  • Odourless, colourless
  • Formulated for the synthetic material of your Venta appliance
  • Extends the service life of your appliance
  • Made in Germany
  • If stored correctly – in a dark and cool place – shelf life up to 30 months
  • 1 250-ml bottle

Organic Fragrances – Set exclusive N°1
3x 10-ml bottles:
  • Orange fragrance
  • Grapefruit-sandalwood fragrance
  • Eucalyptus fragrance

Organic Fragrances – Set exclusive N°2
3x 10 ml-bottles:
  • Lemongrass fragrance
  • Peppermint fragrance
  • Lavender fragrance

Trolley for Venta Humidifiers
  • Trolley for Venta humidifiers Original LW25 / LW45, Comfort Plus LW25 / LW45, Original Connect AH530 / AH535 / AH550 / AH555
  • Available in white and anthracite
  • Adjustable length
  • Material: synthetic material
  • Rubber-covered castors
  • Made in Germany