Venta appliance cleaner for humidifiers and airwashers

Annual package hygiene and cleaner
Our annual package contains hygiene products and a machine cleaner. The following products are contained in the package: 1 x summer hygienic agent (500 ml) 2 x normal hygiene products (2x 500 ml) 1 x appliance cleaner (250 ml)

Content: 1.75 Liter (€3.14* / 0.1 Liter)

Cleaner (250 ml)
Venta cleaner (250 ml) for the following Venta appliances: Humidifier Original LW15 / LW25 / LW45 Humidifier Comfort Plus LW25 / LW45Humidifier Original Connect AH510 / AH515 / AH530 / AH535 / AH550 / AH555Humidifier App Control LW60T WiFi and Humidifier App Control LPH60 WiFi Humidifier AeroStyle LW73 / LW74Humidifier Professional AW902 and Professional AH902 HumidifierRemoves limescale and stubborn dirt Eco-friendly and natural Odourless, colourless Formulated for the synthetic material of your Venta appliance Extends the service life of your appliance Made in Germany If stored correctly – in a dark and cool place – shelf life up to 30 months 1 250-ml bottle