AH550 Original Connect Air Humidifier

  • For room sizes up 65 m² 
  • For healthy air humidified to an optimal 40-60% 
  • Unique humidification technology with VentWave™ disk stack 
  • App access for remote control – compatible with AirConnect 
  • Device uses tap water 
  • Water acts as a filter: hygienic, easy to clean, simple 
  • High-quality sensors for real-time humidity display and control 
  • Reduces pollen and house dust particles in the air 
  • Ingeniously simple operation with fully automatic control and intuitive touch display 
  • 10 liters water capacity 
  • Quiet operation 
  • Extremely low power consumption 
  • Made in Germany 


Product number: 7055000

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For room sizes up to 60 m²

Healthy air humidified to an optimal 40–60 %

Air pollutants naturally reduced (at indoor humidity of 40 to 60%)

Interactive touch display

App control

Reduction of pollen and house dust particles





The Original Connect Air Humidifier combines modern technologies with patented evaporative humidification technology.

It offers an easy way of ensuring a pleasant room climate with optimal humidity between 40-60% and naturally reduces harmful substances in the air. The intuitive touch display ensures ingeniously simple operation with fully automatic control. You can also control and manage your WiFi-compatible Venta device conveniently from wherever you are on the Venta Home app with the latest data. Ideal for rooms up to 60m².


It’s not always easy to achieve the recommended humidity of 40-60%, especially in winter when rooms are heated and windows kept closed. Central heating removes moisture from the air in rooms. However, this isn’t just a problem on cold winter days. During hot summer weather, indoor air is often too dry. A Venta Air Humidifier guarantees healthy humidified air year round.

It has also been shown that a humidity of 40-60% reduces viral activity and minimises the risk of infection at an optimal indoor humidity.*

* Hugentobler: Neueste Erkenntnisse zum Einfluss von Luftfeuchte auf Lebensdauer und Verbreitung von Viren (Latest findings on the influence of air humidity on the life span and spread of viruses), presentation, 17th Forum Arbeitsmedizin, Deggendorf 2016.


The Original Connect features the patented VentWave™ 3D disk stack to ensure extremely high and effective evaporation performance. 

A fan directs the ambient air into the water-filled Air Humidifier, where it flows through the patented VentWave™ 3D disk stack. Hygienically clean air evaporates from the surfaces of the individual disks into the room. It features thousands of tiny openings which ensure that far more water molecules evaporate in the same time than on a flat surface. Simultaneously, the disks trap harmful substances such as dust or pollen, which are then washed off in the water and collected in the Air Humidifier. This technology also prevents the re-emission of harmful substances and aerosols back into the indoor air.**

The device humidifies indoor air using only water. There’s no need for or filters. This type of cold evaporation is recognized as the best and most hygienic humidifying method without producing any scaling or condensation.

You can therefore lean back, relax and enjoy faster*** humidification for a pleasant indoor climate.

** Report by DMT GmbH & Co. KG, company group TÜV NORD: “Prüfung eines Luftbefeuchters auf Aerosolbildung” (Testing aerosols in a humidifier) GS 3 No. 00 107 11 C, 29.11.2011

*** Compared to the Original LW25 or Original LW45.


With its WiFi functionality, Original Connect is part of Venta AirConnect World and sends all the relevant data, such as humidity and temperature, to the Venta Home app. This means you not only have access to the most important information on the touch display but can also manage the device how you want from where ever you want from your smartphone.

As indoor air experts, AirConnect establishes a wellness plan for the indoor air you breathe. The WiFi-compatible devices, Venta Home app and high-quality AirSense measuring devices for indoor climate and air quality work hand-in-hand and unite together as the world of Venta AirConnect. The devices and valuable app recommendations help you achieve the best quality of air. All Venta devices can be operated together as well as separately.

Easy operation with predefined modes

Using the predefined modes, you can simply operate your Air Humidifier from the modern touch display or use the Venta Home app. You can, for example, select the silent sleep mode with dimmed display for nighttime.

Use the intelligent automatic mode to automatically regulate the humidity without you having to worry about it. This is possible with professional sensors that measure, monitor, and control the humidity.

Notifications are displayed to indicate when actions are due – fill the water, run service and intensive cleaning program – to ensure trouble-free operation.

Reliable operation and easy to clean

A heated 30 m² room requires approximately 5 liters of water a day to reach the medically recommended humidity level of 40-60%. The 10 liters water reservoir of the AH550/AH555 Original Connect reduces maintenance to a minimum, meaning you don’t have to constantly refill the water in winter.

You only need to fill your Original Connect Air Humidifier with fresh water to ensure an optimal room climate.

Easy, no-fuss cleaning is a standout feature of the Original Connect so you have more time to spend on the nicer things in life.

The device should be cleaned approximately every 2 weeks. To clean the device, simply lift the electronics and fan out of the housing with one hand, empty out the water, remove any deposits in the tray, rinse the disk stack with water, fill with fresh water and Venta hygiene additive. Job done.

Best quality – made in Germany

Our products are sustainably manufactured in Germany, which makes them reliable and durable. Best, rigorously tested quality is the solid assurance of every single Venta device made-in-Germany. This means:

Venta only uses material that meets the highest standards: 

  • shock-resistant, double-walled housing
  • high-precision disk stack
  • high-tech drive for long operating life

Every device is subjected to extensive functional testing before it leaves the factory.

Original Connect

Model AH510 / AH515 AH530 / AH535 AH550 / AH555
Colours Brilliant white / Brilliant black Brilliant white / Brilliant black Brilliant white / Brilliant black
For room sizes* Up to 35 m² Up to 45 m² Up to 60 m²
Interactive touch display Standard Standard Standard
Measuring sensors Humidity Humidity Humidity
Water hygiene Accessories Accessories Accessories
Power levels 3+ Automatic 3+ Automatic 3+ Automatic
Noise emissions (levels 1–3) 24 / 34 / 44 dB(A) 24 / 34 / 44 dB(A) 24 / 35 / 45 dB(A)
Power consumption (levels 1–4) 3 / 5 / 8 watts 3 / 5 / 8 watts 3 / 5 / 8 watts
Water content (max.) 5 litres 7 litres 10 litres
Dimensions (L x W x H) 26 x 28 x 31 cm 30 x 30 x 33 cm 45 x 30 x 33 cm
Weight 3 kg 3,5 kg 5,2 kg

*based on a ceiling height at a max of 2.5 m