Meet Venta’s Newest Addition

Introducing the new 5 Series Comfort Plus Humidifier: The Same Premium Quality Performance of the Original 5 Series Humidifiers, now with advanced new features

The Venta 5 Series Humidifiers now include new units: the advanced new Comfort Plus Humidifiers. These two new units utilize the same natural humidification process of cold evaporation used in the Original 5 Series, now with convenient new features.

Digital Touch Display

The new Comfort Plus models have an easy-to-read digital touch display with a built-in hygrometer. The digital display offers intelligent control, with auto-mode, sleep mode, plus easy-to-read service indicators. Comfort Plus Humidifiers will alert you once it is time to refill your water, or it’s time for regular maintenance every 14 days. Engage the automatic function to regulate fan speed based on the desired humidity level, which can be set between 30% and 70% relative humidity. We have added the favorable feature of sleep mode, which will automatically reduce the fan speed to level one and dim the display, allowing for a restful night of sleep.

Integrated Hygrometer and Hygrostat


Venta’s new Comfort Plus Humidifiers include both a built-in hygrometer, as well as a hygrostat. The hygrometer will provide the relative humidity reading directly on the digital display, which eliminates the need for a separate hygrometer. The primary function of the hygrostat is to regulate the humidity of your indoor space by working alongside the hygrometer for accurate humidity readings. Once the desired humidity levels are reached, the hygrostat will shut off the fan, which will stop the disk stack from turning. This process will halt the output of moisture until the hygrometer reading falls below your ideal humidity level.

Additional Coverage Area

Our new Comfort Plus Humidifiers provide coverage up to 645 square feet, compared to 600 square feet in our Original 5 Series Humidifiers. The LW25 Comfort Plus Humidifier offers coverage up to 485 square feet, making it ideal for a bedroom, living room, or office. The LW45 Comfort Plus Humidifier can accommodate indoor spaces up to 645 square feet, making this unit ideal for master bedrooms, living rooms, as well as other large open rooms. As with our Original 5 Series, the Comfort Plus Humidifiers are eco-friendly evaporative humidifiers that use extremely low power consumption without the need for filters.