Why You Will Surprisingly Want A Humidifier for Summer

Summer is here and with it, so is dry air-conditioned air. Here are a few reasons why you will want to keep your humidifier around for the summer.

There are so many great reasons to celebrate summer. There is one catch that comes with all the summertime bliss: stale, dry air from air conditioning.

Do we not spend most of the time from June-August soaking up the sun and exploring the great outdoors? It turns out that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends 93% of their life indoors. Between spending all day at the office and sleeping indoors at night, even during the summer, a majority of your time is spent indoors. When the heat really starts cranking, so do the air conditioners.

While air conditioning offers relief from hot and humid summer weather, it can have some negative consequences. Whether you’re at the office or at home, here is why you should rethink packing away your humidifier for the season.

Office Air Quality

An unfortunate side effect of office buildings trying to be more energy efficient is that healthy air quality practices are often left unconsidered. Indoor air pollution can be much more harmful than outdoor air pollution and with less ventilation in an effort to make buildings more green, means you’re more susceptible to getting sick. With plenty of harmful chemicals and other fine particulate pollution floating about your office space, dry indoor air adds even more fuel to the fire.

Dry air can be a major factor in workplace productivity. When the air is very dry from over-zealous air conditioners, employees end up feeling miserable, sick, and unproductive.

Working in a heavily air-conditioned office creates a disorienting feeling when walking out of a freezing cold office into the heat and humidity of a sweltering July day. It is the sudden shift in temperatures and humidity levels that does a number on your immune system, lowering our body’s natural defense system. An entire study was performed on office air quality and labeled this unique situation as “Sick Office Syndrome”:

“Sick Office Syndrome occurs when people feel ill inside an office building and immediately feel better when they go outdoors. And if that person has allergies or asthma, poor indoor air quality can make them feel even worse. In an office building, unhealthy air can cause illness among employees, which also leads to less productivity.

A study done by the Harvard School of Public Health concluded that preventable absenteeism due to poor air quality cost a company studied $480 per worker per year in lost productivity. The EPA estimates that US businesses lose $60-billion per year due to lost productivity. Employers and employees have also become very aware of the presence and effects of poor indoor air quality and are demanding a healthier indoor environment.”

While it is nice to have cool, dry indoor air during the workday, too much can affect your health and work performance.

Consider a solution to the problem with a Venta Humidifier. The humidifier produces a comfortable level of humidity without becoming too humid. Unlike traditional humidifiers, Venta’s revolutionary cold evaporative humidification system ensures that the unit never over-humidifies, giving off a gradual, even moisture to your indoor environment.

Get back to work with healthy, perfectly humidified indoor air. Forget about sick days, you won’t be needing those anymore!

Home Air Quality

With the kids home from school for the summer, there are plenty of outdoor activities they will surely be involved in. For the rest of the time, they should still be getting the best indoor air quality when at home.

Fresh air and open windows are great to have during the summer, but sometimes the heat is just too much. Running your air conditioner non-stop produces stale, dry air. 

Before you add a humidifier to your or your children’s bedroom, make sure you get the right humidifier that will not agitate allergy symptoms. Traditional humidifiers tend to forcefully pump out moisture without any regulation. When this happens, too much humidity creates the perfect conditions for mold and dust mites to grow.

People who suffer from asthma and allergies can be very sensitive to these conditions, making their symptoms worse. This is where the Venta Humidifier comes in. Without the risk of over-humidification, you enjoy the fresh air that is perfectly moisturized. Kristy from the lifestyle blog, Boys Ahoy noticed a difference in her son’s allergies after using the Venta Humidifier:

“Both Owen and Miles have allergies too, and before using the Venta Humidifier they were taking daily allergy meds but their allergies just seemed to be getting  worse. Owen had a chronic scratchy throat, I swear. And Miles was constantly sneezing and sniffling. Since we’ve had a humidifier in our home I only give them the allergy medication on days they really seem to need it and the scratching/sniffling has pretty much subsided. It’s amazing!” –lifestyle blog, Boys Ahoy

Image Source: Boys Ahoy

With day after day of fun activities planned, getting a good night’s sleep is always something you look forward to. Dry, stale air-conditioned air can get in the way, preventing you from getting your best sleep. Sleeping in an humidified room helps to get the day started, just ask one of our Venta influencers who swears by the humidifier all year round:

“Room heating in winter and air conditioning in summer adds to dehydration and can lead to restless nights, making the morning fatigued a big factor. However, if sleeping in a humidified room you wake up feeling alert, thinking sharper and concentration comes easier. We all know a good nights sleep leads to a GREAT DAY! Don’t we want to give that to our family every day!” Kelly from Kelly’s Thoughts on Things

No matter the time of year, you will want a humidifier to keep the air fresh and perfectly humidified, but this summer, pay special attention to dry air-conditioned air. Your body will thank you!