What’s the Deal with Dry Skin in the Summer?

Woman sitting near swimming pool with dry skin

Think dry skin is only a problem in the winter? We take a look at the causes of dry skin that can be a summer bummer and the remedies for easy healing.

No matter what your summer plans involve, taking an exotic vacation, enjoying time off from school, or just working in an office, dry skin can impact you. The causes of dry skin in the summer may not be the same as they are in the winter (we’re looking at you, cold, dry air), but your skin nonetheless could use some TLC this summer. We take a look at four common dry summer skin culprits and their remedies.

How Do You Get Dry Skin in the Summer?

Air Conditioning

There is no better relief than walking into an air-conditioned room on a hot and humid day. But have you ever noticed how air-conditioned air can seem a bit dry? Air conditioning can dry out your air just as much as turning on the heat in the winter. Worse, it can leave you with the same dry air problems—difficulty concentrating, headaches, dry skin, and irritated eyes.

After spending 40+ hours a week in an air-conditioned office and going home to an air-conditioned home, your skin will be craving moisture. For those who live in hot desert climates, your air is already dry so that air-conditioned air only contributes more to dry skin and dehydration.

Solution: Add moisture to the air with a humidifier. But beware, not all humidifiers are created equal! Unlike most humidifiers that tend to over-humidify and emit hot steam or cold mist into your air, the  Venta Humidifier will never over-humidify your indoor space because of its cold evaporation technology. Because of this patented process, the Venta Humidifier does not emit any kind of mist, steam, or produce a white dust residue on floors and furniture. Even if it is already humid outside, there is no need to worry about an excessive amount of humidity in your office or home. The humidifier works to maintain an ideal relative humidity amount between 40-60%. With a humidifier, your air will only take as much moisture as it needs.

Added bonus: No matter what time of the year it is, sleeping in a room with a humidifier will give you the rejuvenating hydration and care your skin needs. The perfect amount of moisture released from the Venta Humidifier would surely delight celebrities like Mariah Carey and Christie Brinkley, who have attributed healthy, rejuvenated skin to sleeping with a humidifier close by. It’s about time to get that humidifier out of storage!

Sun Burn

woman sun bathing near oceanside on beach in the summer

Even when it’s not particularly sunny out, you should always apply sunscreen to protect your body’s natural barrier from powerful UV rays which can act as a skin cell accelerator. In the case of a beautiful summer day at the beach where there is an ample amount of sunshine and skin exposure, sunscreen is a must. When your skin does get burned, it dries out, becomes depleted of antioxidants, and lipids begin to deteriorate. When this happens, the dead skin cells and damaged lipids can’t function properly to produce a waterproof layer that keeps moisture in the skin. As a result, your skin loses a profound amount of moisture, and as you’ve most likely experienced before, it peels.

Solution: Stay hydrated and moisturized while treating sunburn. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, and choose lotions and moisturizers that contain soothing soy or aloe vera. The skincare industry has even taken advantage of the fact that sunburns are quite damaging to your skin, developing lines of strictly ‘after-sun creams, lotions, and gels. The short version to healing dry sunburned skin: hydrate, moisturize, and replenish necessary vitamins!

Swimming Pools

woman sitting next to swimming pool during summer

Heading to the swimming pool is a summertime staple, but the chemicals in chlorine can cause dry skin or even rashes to sensitive skin. After enjoying a nice dip in the pool, be aware that the dryness and chalkiness your skin feels is a result of chlorine stripping your skin of its natural oils. This coupled with sunburn can be a recipe for some summertime pain.

Solution: If you’re planning to spend more time in the pool than your body is used to, it might be worth it to apply a pre-swimming lotion that’s specifically formulated to block chlorine and protect your skin. The best thing you can do after spending time in the pool is to take a shower and flush the chlorine chemicals out of your skin with soap and water. Opt for a shorter and cooler shower than a very hot one, as the heat will open up your pores more, letting the chlorine seep into your skin. In general, very hot showers also cause dry skin as the heat intensity can strip your skin of natural oils.

If you have very sensitive skin, look for products made specifically for post-pool cleansing that work to neutralize chlorine, remove the chlorine odor, and moisturize the skin.

The Great Outdoors

woman hiking in the woods during summer

Looking forward to a camping trip or hiking in the woods? In addition to bugs that can leave itchy bites and dry rash patches, you should be on the lookout for plants that are dangerous to your skin like poison ivy. A majority of people are allergic to the urushiol oil in poison ivy which creates a rash, raised bumps, itchiness, and dry patches when brought into contact with skin.

Solution: Repellent sprays and lotions help protect your skin against bug bites, but some can be irritating to sensitive skin types. Consider the chemicals (like DEET) in your bug sprays and opt for natural brand alternatives. Washing your skin of these repellents with soap and water and applying a moisturizer will help to restore your skin to a healthy hydrated level.

For poison ivy encounters, wash with soap and water immediately if possible. Keep some antibiotic ointment on hand like topical OTC hydrocortisone to reduce swelling and help skin heal faster.

Hydrate from the Inside Out

If any of these summertime dry skin remedies have something in common, it would be to moisturize and stay hydrated. And while there are plenty of specialty creams, serums, and gels to protect your skin this summer, keeping your body continually hydrated is much easier to achieve. Hydrating from the inside out, especially while you sleep at night, will make a considerable difference in your body and skin’s health.

That’s why Venta believes the Venta Humidifier is the perfect option to combat the dry air-conditioned air circulating your home or office this summer. It is the right choice to keep your body and skin hydrated, to rejuvenate your skin in perfectly humidified air while you sleep, and gives you peace of mind that your air is always fresh and clean. We believe the Venta Humidifier is a year-round product that has countless benefits from winter to summer. We keep our units running year-round because no one wants to deal with the hassle of sickness, allergies, or dry skin, especially during the summer! We encourage our Venta Family to take full advantage of the humidifier’s health and wellness benefits 12 months a year.