Amazing Ways our Sense of Smell Affects our Well-Being

Are good scents a sign of good sense? We take a look at the various ways our sense of smell affects our well being from foul odors to aromatherapy.

Research shows that smell is the most powerful memory trigger, but the effects of a pleasant aroma go far beyond reminding you of your grandmother’s fresh-baked cookies or roasting s’mores over a smoky summer campfire. Humans use hundreds of olfactory receptors to discern over 10,000 different smells, and despite their invisible nature, these molecules can have a measurable impact on your health and well-being- for better or for worse.

The Risks of Foul Odor

Let’s face it: a poor smell can ruin the mood and at worst, a danger to the environment’s inhabitants. While bad smells in and of themselves don’t cause harm, they do act as indicators that something in the surrounding environment is off and potentially unsafe. Take, for example, man’s best friend: while the notorious “wet dog” smell may simply be an annoyance, an unpleasant and lingering pet odor can be a sign of something more harmful, such as a high level of pet dander or bacteria. Other common household causes of a dangerous bad smell include mold (which produces a musty odor), an old gym bag, a dirty bathroom, or food left on the counter (all of which cause rapid bacteria growth).

In addition to adverse health effects, foul odors have been shown to negatively affect our perception and even our behavior. One study found that participants exposed to an unpleasant smell exhibited less tolerance for frustration and experienced reduced subjective judgment, while those in the presence of an enjoyable smell were more likely to help a stranger and reported higher self-efficacy, set higher goals, and were more efficient at work. These mood and behavioral effects may not be noticeable to the naked eye, but over time, they can become as ingrained in your life as the stench of bad fish in the company refrigerator.

How to Eliminate Bad Smells

Luckily, except in extreme cases, a thorough cleaning can remove odor-causing bacteria and its subsequent negative effects, but you’ll want a pleasant smell in its place to restore your home’s tranquility. Venta Airwasher’s all-natural aromatherapy line is compatible with each of our  Original and Comfort Plus Airwashers and offers users a natural way to remove odor at home while helping to humidify and purify the air. Composed of 100% natural essential oils, Venta Aromatherapy fragrance packs are a safe, chemical-free home odor remedy that positively affects our sense of smell.

With so many adverse effects that a nose-scrunching smell can have on your well-being, fixing the bad odor and preventing future ones is easier than expected. By incorporating naturally pleasant aromas into your office or home environment, you can help improve your work performance, mood, and overall well-being. The last one to the fragrance aisle is a rotten egg.