Good Air With One Swipe: The Venta Home App

The new Venta Home App offers a great deal of convenience

User-friendly, practical, and clear – The Venta indoor air experts have launched a completely new Venta Home App. This new app offers plenty of features beyond just controlling the operation of Venta devices. Users now have a compact overview of rooms, room air, and functions, and can make changes to all essential settings directly. The Venta team has based the app on a room concept. Each room in which a humidifier, air purifier, or a dual-function unit is located can be controlled individually. Users can thus define their personal comfort settings – based on the desired climate in each respective room.

Even within one’s own four walls, the use of rooms varies. The desired climate in a specific room can fluctuate depending on whether a room is used for sleeping, working,  or relaxing. What Venta has learned over years and decades of advising its customers has now been incorporated into the revised Venta Home App. Users can specify parameters for the individual rooms through the intuitive menu navigation. Immediately control the air humidity and the associated air quality in every room in which a Venta unit is located – easier than ever before. For example, with the dual-function hybrid units, you can control the purification function in spring when pollen is present or regulate humidity primarily in winter when the heat is on. The Venta Home App works simply and quickly using predefined programs, or, if desired, situationally and individually.

By adapting the app for use in individual rooms, the devices equipped with different sensors can enhance their performance even further. As information from a home consultation shows, ideal air quality, humidity, and temperature are different depending on the room. Venta takes this into account with the new app.

The functions of the app at a glance

In the Venta Home App, Venta customers are able to control all devices that have a WLAN connection. This includes the 6 Series units LW60T, LW62T, LPH60, and LP60 as well as future product lines. 

The installation is carried out step-by-step, and users will find guidance at every stage of the process. The app functions as a central control for the units in the home network, as well as for individual units. The most important information about the room air and maintenance instructions are available at a glance, e.g. when the water tank needs to be filled or the hygiene disc needs to be changed. Depending on the unit, different predefined modes can be selected: Sleep, TV/Relax, Summer/Allergy, Automatic, or Turbo. For example, the TV mode can be activated on the LP60 model for quiet operation. In Turbo mode, on the other hand, optimal humidity or optimal air quality is achieved more quickly.

The new Venta Home App

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